The month of May is National Deck Safety Month because it is the perfect time to inspect your deck for safety before summer. Here are some tips to make your deck safe, especially for children and pets.

Fix Parts That Could Cause Injury

Protruding nails and screws, loose railings, and splintering surfaces all have the potential to cause injury. Make your deck safe by carefully looking for any hazards and fixing them. Put pressure on railings and balusters to make sure they are stable and secure. Lightly run your hands over the deck surfaces to find rough areas and splintering. Hammer nails and tighten screws that are sticking out from the wood.

Make Your Deck Safe With Yearly Deck Maintenance

Wooden decks need to be maintained to keep them safe. Yearly deck maintenance keeps the structure from rotting and falling apart. These duties include washing, sanding, staining or painting, and sealing the deck. Complete these tasks after the winter weather has worn down the deck materials.

Be Cautious of Potted Plants

Some of the beautiful plants you keep on your deck may be toxic if ingested. Since children and pets are curious and will put things in their mouths, it is important to take caution when selecting the plants for your deck. Research all the plants you already have on the deck, and if any are toxic replace them with non-toxic options.

Secure Entrances to Make Your Deck Safe

The door leading out to your deck should have a lock on it so that a small child cannot wander out there unattended. It is just as important to have a locking gate that barricades the steps leading down to the yard. Keep the entrances to the deck securely locked so that you have control over who has access to it.

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