Buying a house is a big investment so it’s important to care for your home and maintain the property value. There are a few tasks you can do to improve your living spaces and be a better homeowner.

Clean the Gutters to Be a Better Homeowner

The gutters provide a pathway for water to flow away from your home and its foundation. Keep the gutters clear to prevent problems like roof leaks, mold growth, and basement flooding. Wear sturdy gloves to scoop leaves and debris from the guttering. Next, use the garden hose to make sure water runs freely through the channels and out the downspouts. Keeping the gutters clean also helps reduce the mosquito population because they need standing water to breed.

Check for Wood-Destroying Insects

To help keep your property in good health, inspect for wood-destroying insects. Look for mud tubes, which are a sign of termites. Pay attention to other indications such as discarded wings and frass (termite droppings). Tiny holes in wooden railings or furniture may indicate a beetle infestation or you might notice carpenter bees around the eaves of your home. Call a professional at any sign of an insect infestation to help get the problem under control.

Be a Better Homeowner: Plant a Pollinator Garden

Bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies are an important part of our food supply. Without pollinators, plants, including food crops, would not flower, fruit, and reproduce. Choose a sunny spot in your yard for your pollinator garden. Research flowering plants that are native to your area. To best provide for pollinating insects, choose plants that flower at different times during the year. This way, the bees will have flowers in spring, summer, and fall. If you plant perennials, the plants will come back each year for pollinators to enjoy.

Boost Curb Appeal

Improve the appearance of the front of your home to boost curb appeal and increase property value. Simple ways to make improvements include adding new house numbers, installing a new mailbox, keeping the lawn trimmed, and pressure-washing the driveway and walkways. Add flowers to your flower beds and mulch them well to help retain moisture. Purchase an attractive bench for the porch and re-paint the front door in a bold color that complements the home.

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