After living in your newly constructed house for the better part of a year, defects may begin to show themselves. Most builders offer a one year warranty to cover problems with the new build. Here are some reasons to order an 11th-month inspection before your warranty expires.

Why an 11th-Month Inspection is Needed

Materials in your home are affected by temperature changes as the home experiences the extremes of winter and summer weather. Common issues that may appear during the first year include:

  • Nail pops and fasteners becoming loose
  • Cracks in walls or ceilings
  • Condensation problems
  • Moisture in the crawl space or basement
  • Problems with drainage and grading
  • HVAC system issues

A home inspector will assess the property to look for these and other issues. As a new home settles, problems can occur. If these issues are covered under your builder’s warranty, you’ll want to make sure you file a claim before the warranty expires.

Save Money

When you order an 11th-month inspection, any defects and components covered by the builder’s warranty will be repaired or replaced.

This warranty protects you and your financial interests during that first year. You’ve made a significant investment with the purchase of a newly built home. Take advantage of the builder’s warranty to have issues repaired on the builder’s dime.

Don’t let the warranty period expire without having an inspection. You could end up paying for defects that should have been the responsibility of the builder.

An 11th-Month Inspection Will Find Issues or Defects

Often the buyer of a newly built home will forgo a complete home inspection, assuming that new construction won’t have any issues.

Problems found in a brand new house don’t necessarily mean the builder did a poor job. Building a home involves many contractors performing different jobs. Your builder subcontracted some of the work to other professionals. Those subcontractors hire their own teams of workers to complete a project. You’ll have roofers, painters, plumbers, and a team to install flooring, all working to finish your home. This makes it difficult for your builder to supervise every aspect of the project.

For instance, a contractor installing your HVAC system might have cut through an important structural beam by mistake. Another example is that your roof may have looked great when the home was completed, but poorly installed shingles have since allowed moisture into the home.

Hire a professional home inspector to perform a complete assessment in the 11th month to find problems, defects, and safety issues in time for you to file a claim on your builder’s warranty.

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